It is possible for a party to be as long or short as you wish. Here are some ideas for your event. Please remember that James Boffin can adapt to any situation or format so if you have your own ideas then please do input.

My signature presentation at a party is an hour of general mixed science experiments designed to wow the children, and all presented in words to suit the age and understanding of the children. It is put across in a way that is entertainment, education, and amusement.

Here’s typical comment after a UU7 party . . .

Thank you so very much for entertaining us all today for Millie's party! Definitely by far the best idea for a party I think ever, and the children were kept engaged and wowed the whole way through. I am so pleased that we chose you, and you were professional the whole way through planning, from start to finish. The children left full of exciting ideas and experiments to try at home.

And then there’s this . . .

"Attended a great party on Saturday - James Boffin you really entertained the children - loved the James Boffin persona/stories.  Highly recommend if you are thinking of a children's party idea or a school event. Thanks James."

Kate Morris, a guest Mum at Nathan's party

My presentation takes the children on a mission to rescue Skwiddee from Doctor Puss. Here's Skwiddee . .


To accomplish this mission I need to use a lot of different science on the way and I show the children this science in a WOW way. I will invite some of them to help me out. All presented in words suited to the age and understanding of the partygoers.

Here's a link to a short video, made by a School for me, that will give you an idea of the style of my presentation . . .

School Action Video UU7

And here’s a party video short . . .

Party Action Video UU7

I manage to fit in around a dozen experiments, so it's pretty quick-fire to keep everyone absorbed.

Plenty of WOW experiments happen, including . . .

nitrocellulose flash paper

science versus magic experiment with everyone joining in

air pressure, space, and a jam jar water experiment

Secret Science Agent model jet car for Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

butterflies and a very special science middle

how scientists keep trying, using a helicopter kit

Bernoulli's principle and how aeroplanes stay up, easily understood using a toilet roll

a pop bottle eruption

a dangerous chemical experiment with potassium iodide and hydrogen peroxide

a slightly scary experiment that everyone can try at home later

a really cute, easy to use, secret science electricity gadget from America that everyone loves

an appearance by Skwiddee and an intro to rocket science


I will perform a complimentary water rocket launch, conditions permitting


If you want the party to be longer then one or two of these special extension modules, of 30 minutes each, work well. More time also allows for more hands-on involvement for all the children.



Lots of things fly and all of them use a different science to do it

We play with some of them and find out the science which helps them to fly

We'll experiment with flyers such as birds, bees, hot air balloons,

planes, hovercraft, rockets and lunar modules

all the children make their own science model hovercraft

All presented IN A PARTY FUN WAY and

in language appropriate to the age and ability of the children



This is an ESPECIALLY WOW extended party module

We use a box of DRY ICE pellets to find out about stuff

And about what happens inside stuff when we do things to it

Like discovering the rules about making it hotter and colder

And finding out that there's always some stuff that breaks the rules

All presented IN A PARTY FUN WAY and

in language appropriate to the age and ability of the children


Here’s a Dry Ice Explosion . . . . .



Skwiddee is a Rocket Science Agent

And Skwiddee will help show us how easy rocket science is

and tell us how some of his relatives can fly just like rockets!

We'll use a couple of indoor science rocket models to see how they do it

Then outside we could launch a REAL ROCKET up to a quarter of a mile high

All presented IN A PARTY FUN WAY and

in language appropriate to the age and ability of the children

And back indoors for a big WOW finale

(IMPORTANT  Real rocket launching is dependant on safe weather and space conditions

Launch may have to be aborted if considered to be a danger at the time

Appropriate contingency plans are in place so as not to disappoint)



Here a Plasma Ball is used to safely have some fun with electricity

Oh! And we use an exciting new Light Wand UU7 got from a foreign Secret Science Agent

We all get very hands-on with some nitrocellulose, light tubes,

goo, matches and paper clips, and have a shocking time

All presented IN A PARTY FUN WAY and

in language appropriate to the age and ability of the children



Polly Murs is our Goo Science Adviser

All children love slime

So with this Mission Extension let's find out what makes Goo what it is

and why it does what it does

Then let's dance to understand what's happening here

Now shall we do it with chemicals?

Like (C2H4O)x and Na2B4O7·10H2O and C2OH12O5

In pots so we can take it home and bounce it off the walls

All presented in IN A PARTY FUN WAY and

in language appropriate to the age and ability of the children




If it’s a birthday party then Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl can

help James with some of the experiments if they want to